911 Director Position

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Under the direction of the Dunklin County 911 Board of Directors, the executive director is responsible for providing leadership, and directing the overall management and operation, for personnel and equipment of the Dunklin County 911 system. The 911 director provides oversight and protection of the Dunklin County 911 financial assets, ensures timely and accurate compliance with board directives and policy. Is responsible for annual operational goals, objectives, and economic programs, to effectively deliver and improve on 9-1-1 services,



  • Supervises and leads the Dunklin County 911 Board in effective delivery of emergency communication to ensure top quality 9-1-1 service to the public and emergency service agencies.
  • Ensures the E9-1-1 of Dunklin County achieves its mission, vision, plans, values, goals, and objectives.
  • Serves as liaison to various committees and boards, as directed by the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board.
  • Communicates and cooperates with other local Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) to

ensure compliance with laws and delivery of a highly committed standard of care and service to our citizens. Works closely with the user emergency services staff members to ensure they are provided with appropriate support systems and responsive quality service.

  • Interacts routinely with other personnel in various organizations, such as, but not limited to, emergency service agencies, the colleges, emergency management and other local public safety answering points.
  • Ensures compliance with all licensing and regulatory agencies governing 9-1-1 services and dispatch services delivery by continually monitoring the operations of the Dunklin County 911 Board.
  • Responsible for the overall leadership of the Board in the development and implementation of short and long range plans and policies and other activities.
  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all addressing within the county along with resolving any citizen issues while working with the Assessor, local Addresser’s, the postal offices within the county and if necessary, telephone and utility companies to ensure accuracy.
  • Ensures ongoing evaluation of quality and adequacy of communications hardware and software.
  • Responsible for development and maintenance of office procedure manuals.


  • Serves as technical advisor on communication networks (computer aided dispatching, telephone systems and records management systems) to the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board and emergency services agencies.

I.    Makes court appearances as the Custodian of Records and audio recording when requested by

court proceedings.

  • Provides the Dunklin County 9-1-1Board with advanced information on significant issues that may arise between Board meetings, particularly those with potential for public disclosure or financial hardship.
  • Performs frequent quality assurance reviews and critiques of emergency and non emergency calls for service.
  • Oversees and maintains 911 mapping


  • Demonstrates personal responsibility for completion of duties, actions, and outcomes
  • Maintains self-control when placed in stressful situations
  • Ensures needed professional certifications are obtained and kept current
  • Provides effective leadership, leads by professional example, uses sound judgment in making decisions, reflects a positive attitude toward the Board, Communications center and its mission.
  • Demonstrates consideration, patience, and tact in dealing with citizens, the public, employees, and other agency personnel.
  • Possesses good moral character as well as professional and ethical integrity
  • Possesses the flexibility needed to adapt to the various demands of the profession.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work with the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board
  • Maintains proper dress and appearance
  • Become a visible entity in local discussions regarding public safety and emergency management needs.


  • Handles all aspects of human resources management for the employees (if any).
  • Assesses adequacy of resources (human, information, physical, financial to support personal performance improvement priorities.
  • Provides the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board with an implementation strategy to meet current and future staffing needs (if any).
  • Works with the employers of the communications officers to maintain adequate staffing levels for the 24-hour operation as required by the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board.
  • Establishes and effective training program that identifies the training objectives and conveys the training program plan to the employers of the communication officers and work with the employers to see that the programs are carried out.


  • Analyzes and evaluates vendor services, management of the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board funds, to determine programs and providers that best meet the needs of the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board and makes recommendations to the Board, as appropriate, negotiates services terms and premiums and executes contracts with benefit plan providers, supply and service vendors, auditors and consultants, manages payroll and benefit programs (if any).


  • Determines system design and operational parameter and recommends equipment selection and modification.
  • Maintains effective security measures and protection of confidential information.


  • Is responsible for grants and contracts management including negotiating research agreement terms that reflect the needs of the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board, coordinates with legal advisors to finalize agreement terms; monitors progress of agreements and maintains agreement documentation to ensure fulfillment of agreement terms including receipt and expenditure of funds.
  • Responsible for the financial management of the Dunklin County 9-1-1Board, including the development and implementation of the annual budget. Develops a timely Dunklin County 911 Budget annually and a Coordinated long-term capital expenditure plan as well as a mechanism to monitor its implementation. Ensure timely, relevant and accurate financial information reporting. Oversees all accounting functions including those necessary for auditing, budgeting, financial analysis, capital asset and property management and payroll in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, board policy and procedures and all other applicable rules and guidelines.
  • Monitors the revenue cash flow monthly and coordinates needed actions with the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board.


  • Works under the general direction of the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board and the laws and statutes of the state of Missouri and Federal Government.
  • Presents questionable laws and policies to the Dunklin County 9-1-1Board and legal counsel.


  • Establishes a program to plan, organize, coordinate, manage, direct, and evaluate all operations, work programs, activities, and functions with the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board to ensure quality 9-1-1 services and dispatch services to ensure that the Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board achieves its mission, vision, plans, values and goals, and objectives.
  • Assists in the development of current and long term organizational goals and objectives as well as policies, procedures and protocols for Dunklin County 9-1-1 Board operations.
  • Assist the President of the Board of Directors in setting and execution of goals to meet the mission of the Board.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, or related field is required.                            (Minimum requirement - High School Education experience in Public Service for minimum of three years)
  • Related experience in emergency telecommunications is highly desirable
  • Previous fire, law enforcement, emergency medical experience may be beneficial within and Enhanced 9-1-1 environment.
  • The ability to work well with others, without loss of compromise of professional demeanor especially during periods of high anxiety is a performance standard.
  • The duties and responsibilities included in this job description are not intended to be all inclusive and the 9-1-1 director will be expected to perform other reasonable job related duties as assigned.